Welcome to Philosophia Cibi – the Food Philosopher

The first post is always the most exciting one to write, and also the most difficult one.

Hello, and welcome to this blog! This is Philosophia Cibi, literally translated as “philosophy of food” (yes, I had help from a Latin teacher), a blog about my favourite thing in life: food.
But this is not going to be another food blog like the many thousand others out there (at least, I hope it won’t be), I want this to be something different than just food pictures, recipes, food hacks and whatnot – you know, the things that make us all interest in a particular food blog.

But I’m starting the wrong way around, a little presentation of myself would probably be nice.
Well, I’m a 31 year old lady who is obsessed with food. I love to eat, cook, read about food, watching cooking shows and learning about food. I don’t work with it though, I have a fairly nice office job instead. But I love everything that has to do with food and learning new things.
I come from a family where food has always played a central part. There has always been family dinners and special treats (my mum, for example, makes a killer French chocolate cake) and we have always talked about food. Me, I started cooking properly in my 20’s and I quickly found a love for it. Now I can’t stop trying new techniques and flavour combinations. A celiac diagnosis seven years ago has both been a major learning curve, not just for me, my family and our cooking but also when it comes to going out to restaurants and cafés. Luckily though I live in Stockholm where the food scene is constantly growing, learning and evolving so it’s been easy to find my favourite places.

But enough about me for now, I’m sure you’re all dying to know what this blog will be about (apart from the obvious one: food). Here is the list of what I’m aiming to write about here:

  • Restaurant visits (NOT reviews! I will not give out any scores but will focus more on the experience as a whole). I will write both about new visits as well as older ones.
  • Recipes. Because you can’t really have a food blog without posting a recipe or two.
  • Food philosophy. Exactly that, my own philosophy regarding food, ingredients and sustainability.
  • Food aesthetics. I’m not just talking about plating and colours but bringing in aesthetics as a philosophical concept regarding food. I hope to be able to go back to my own studies for this in order to bring some proper substance, but there will probably be a lot of my own thoughts and ramblings as well.

These four topics will be this blog’s corner stones and I hope that you will be with me along the ride in discovering each one.

To end this post, here is a photo from one of my favourite restaurants ever: The Fat Duck. I will post a proper experience post about this place later but for now, enjoy this photo of the “Mock Turtle Soup”.

The Fat Duck15


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