Clean and Natural at Restaurang Volt

Last year my sister took me out to dinner as a birthday present, something which since then has become a tradition for us (she decides a restaurant for my birthday and I decide one for hers). The restaurant she took me to was one that had been on my bucket list for a little while, namely Restaurang Volt. They received a Michelin Star a couple of years ago but they don’t let that put too much pressure on them. Instead they stay true to their form and beliefs in regards to food and cooking. The produce they use is mainly organic and they work closely with small farms and growers in order to get the best there is. Even their wine is organic from small vineyards all over Europe, including many eastern European countries.

The philosophy at Volt is to keep everything as clean and uncomplicated as possible and at my first visit there that philosophy really shone through. When a plate of charred beans with a sour cream dipping sauce arrived for us to nibble on we knew we were in for a treat.

1 Nibbles m bönor & dip
Charred beans with a sea weed flavoured sour cream dip.

At Volt you choose between two set menus, one with four dishes and one with six, and to that you can order a set of matching wines. We chose to have four dishes, something I think is a fairly good idea when you visit a restaurant with set menus for the first time. That way you get a good idea of what they can do while not feeling overly full. We also opted for the matching wines and were pleasantly surprised. Each wine matched its dish perfectly and when my sister at one point mentioned that she wasn’t that fond of Muscat they switched a planned wine for another one. Now that’s what I call customer service!
They also provided me with their own home made gluten free bread that was filled with blueberries and one of the most delicious breads I have ever eaten!

When you’re used to seeing complicated plating with lots of different elements and edible flowers everywhere going to Volt is like a breath of fresh air. The plating is clean, without any fancy shapes or spheres, and with the focus completely on the ingredients. The flavours are both subtle and intense without fighting each other. Everything just works and it all looks beautiful.

2 Röding m purjolök, gurka & tall
Char with leek, cucumber broth and pine

3 Fänkål m mandelmjölksglace & rivet späckBaked fennel with almond milk glaze and grated salted lard

4 Lamm m gröna tomater & basilikaLamb with fried green tomatoes and basil

5 Råmjölk m höparfait & vilda björnbärColustrum pancake (simply colustrum milk that’s been heavily reduced in a pan) filled with hay infused parfait and blackberry jam.

Even though I love an imaginative and surprising presentation I also love it when restaurants dare to go uncomplicated and just focus on the components at hand. And if you prefer simplicity over elaborate then Restaurang Volt is the restaurant for you.
Myself, I feel that a new visit is long overdue.


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